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Here’s What I Think About…The Matt Wilson vs. Thomas Nassiff Debate

While scanning my Tumblr dashboard this morning, I came across a post that was reblogged by my friend Mike Moschetto (the original post came from PupFresh).

“Matt Wilson (singer of Set Your Goals) has taken to his twitter to call out those who have been hating on their new record. Specifically, Thomas Nassiff ( reviewer) for buying Set Your Goals merch after a negative review.”

I took a look at both of their Twitter feeds and read Mike’s comments on the debate and really got intrigued by it. Being both a music journalist and a band member (and someone who’s never listened to Set Your Goals), I think I’m able to consider all sides of the argument well enough to come up with a sensible opinion. On the other hand, I’m also someone who takes reviews, no matter how big or small, to heart…

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Here’s What I Think About…The Grammy Awards 2010

Band practice was canceled last night, so I was thrilled to actually watch the full Grammy Awards show in real time. I was specifically looking forward to seeing the performances from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, P!nk and Green Day. I was also hoping to see Taylor Swift get all of her awards stolen from her far more deserving competition, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

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They're so pretty and they're so dead.

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Here's What I Think About…Comparamoring

There’s no question that the music industry is sexist. Don’t believe me? How many legitimately “famous” female-fronted bands can you name? Do the same for the male-fronted bands, and I guarantee that you can name at least a hundred more. So, what’s the deal?

It’s not that female-fronted bands don’t exist. In my local scene alone, I can name a bunch: Life on Hold, Defeo, Sincerely, The Management….the list goes on. Think back in time, too. Hole? Blondie? Bikini Kill? It’s not like girls are new to rock music, by any means. But why is it that the only female-fronted band that people seem to know is Paramore?

Here’s part of the problem: Hayley Williams is a freak…

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Say no to comparamoring!

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