Show Review: Bamboozle 2010

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To make up for my insanely long absence from updating this blog, I present to you my review of the ENTIRE Bamboozle 2010 weekend…

My friend Katie and I arrived at Hoodwink about 15 minutes before it started, which was great since VersaEmerge (covering Britney Spears) was one of the two acts I really wanted to see.

Sierra and crew did a great job, but I was kind of hoping they would add more of their own style to the songs instead of playing along to karaoke tracks.

After them, we saw Break Contest winners Take One Car, a band that opened for mine a few months ago at All Asia in Cambridge, MA. They were covering At the Drive-In, which is no easy task….but they did it flawlessly. I’ll admit, I’m only really familiar with “One-Armed Scissor,” but this band is so tight that I could tell they were doing ATD-I proud.

That night, after sadly finding out that we couldn’t escape the sounds of  The Summer Set screeching out the already-horrible Taylor Swift (doesn’t deserve a link) and awkwardly being five feet from Forrest Kline but not saying hi, we also stood in the crowds for Saves the Day covering Weezer‘s Pinkerton and Andrew McMahon performing a set of “bar classics.” Of course, Andrew McMahon (along with fellow Something Corporate member Brian Ireland and SoCo/Jack’s Mannequin member Bobby Raw) delivered the best performance of the night, covering everyone from Bob Dylan to The Grateful Dead to MGMT.

One thing that always fascinates me about Andrew’s performances is how the room always goes dead silent and you can just feel the amount of respect everyone has for him. It’s so powerful.

I had never heard Saves the Day before and I’m not a Weezer fan, so naturally, I was planning on hating that set. However, STD (bad acronym…although maybe I just realized where the “You can’t spell STUD without STD” shirts came from?) was a pleasant surprise. I definitely wasn’t feeling their lead singer’s whine-infested Jordan Pundik-style voice, but the music almost made up for it.

I knew Saturday was going to be my favorite day of the weekend and I wasn’t disappointed. We saw an inspiring performance from Versa, who clearly loved playing their own music to a much bigger crowd than the small bunch at Hoodwink. After that, we caught Take One Car’s real set and they totally blew me away for the third time. These guys are the real deal… and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them playing on a main stage next year.

Take One Car

We also smushed into the sea of fans for Hanson…who had a HUGE crowd of screaming girls waiting with baited breath to see “MmmBop” live after all these years….but that never happened. In fact, the band’s entire set was from the middle (and least well-known part) of their discography, with some new tracks from their upcoming album as well. I was disappointed that they didn’t play any songs from Middle of Nowhere or The Walk, since those are the two albums I love. To their credit, they still put on a great performance and proved to all the skeptics that they totally still rock.

2/3 of Hanson

After Hanson, we caught the highlight of my weekend/life…Something Corporate’s east coast reunion set (minus the beautiful William Tell, who quit the band before the band quit). They played “Hurricane,” “21 & Invincible,” “I Woke Up In a Car,” “Me & The Moon,” “Fall,” “If U C Jordan,” “Space,” “Punk Rock Princess” and fan favorite (and my favorite song of all time), “Konstantine.”I openly admit that I fought back tears the entire time.

I knew nothing could possibly top that set, but I was still very much looking forward to seeing Chiodos (my first time seeing them with their new singer, Brandon Bolmer) and Paramore. Though I almost always fully support Craig Owens’ musical endeavors, Bolmer fronting Chiodos did not disappoint me whatsoever. He was on key, he was interesting and he added fresh parts to old classics that livened up the set. I was really amped on his performance and am now definitely looking forward to the band’s upcoming release.

Paramore was the final set of the day, though they were 30 minutes late because of Drake’s nine thousand encore performances eating away at their time. But when they came out, they certainly did so with a bang. Hayley’s energy was incredible and you can definitely see that she’s gotten some new Gwen-inspired dance moves. At the same time, I felt as though I’d seen this exact show four times already, and quickly got bored by it. Though Paramore are incredibly tight, they seem to just do the same thing every time I see them. I don’t really know what I’m expecting them to change, but the performance was great nonetheless.

Hayley Williams and Zac Farro of Paramore

Sunday was a much less exciting day for me, with performances including Ke$ha, Motion City Soundtrack, Kevin Devine, Say Anything, The Dear Hunter and Weezer. Ke$ha was….well, exactly what you’d expect her to be….though not as awful as I’d thought. MCS was great, but Justin’s voice was clearly burnt out. He still struggled through the set like a pro though. KevDev and The Dear Hunter were both very impressive as always and showcased their incredible musical talent (which was lacking in other bands, for sure). The sound at Say Anything’s stage seemed to be messed up, so their set was extra quiet…but it certainly pleased longtime fans anyways.


From what I saw, Weezer put on a fun and tight live show, but I only lasted about ten minutes. There are few things more awkward than being in a huge crowd of diehard fans for a band you only tolerate…and few things worse than getting kicked in the face by a crowdsurfer and having your glasses knocked to the ground (they’re okay, don’t worry.).

Anyways, Bamboozle was a great success and I’m glad we finally made it down there for it! I’m already looking forward to next year…and crossing my fingers that maybe I’ll get to play too 🙂

Final Grade: A- for sweet-ass rock to the tune of hundreds of dollars, $5 waters, fat people with “free hugs” on their bare stomachs, way too many brodudes/goth girls and no shade during a heatwave.


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