The Controversy of Crunkcore: 3OH!3, Hollywood Undead, brokenCYDE, Jeffree Star and The Millionaires

June 27, 2009 at 3:07 am 3 comments

There’s been a lot of controversy lately about a new style of music, which has been popping up nearly everywhere in the scene. Several genres, including pop-punk, hip-hop and electronica have been fused together, making a sound which cannot be clearly defined by any one label. Though the official label of this genre is ambigious, one thing is certain: the once very much divided worlds of rock and hip-hop have merged.

Though the seeds of this movement were likely planted long ago (Linkin Park?), it has been spearheaded in recent years by groups such as Cobra Starship and Gym Class Heroes. Evidence can also be seen most recently on Fall Out Boy‘s Folie a Deux, where rapper Lil’ Wayne was featured on the track “Tiffany Blews.” These tracks were not the ones to stir up controversy, however. The newest breed of white scene kids-turned-rappers, including 3OH!3, Hollywood Undead, Jeffree Star, brokeNCYDE and The Millionaires have caused an uproar among parents and music critics alike for their inappopriate lyrics.

Easy to spot with their bright clothes, Kanye West glasses, snakebite piercings and neon Nike shoes, these guys have gripped the scene like The Jonas Brothers’ reign over twelve-year old girls. Colorado (or, should I say Ballerado?)’s 3OH!3 has seen the most success of these groups, with their single “Don’t Trust Me” playing repeatedly in nearly every club and on every radio station as we speak (and a collaboration with Lil’ Jon on the way).

The six members of Hollywood Undead (J-Dogg, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, Deuce, Da Kurlzz and Funny Man) released Swan Songs in late 2008, an album complete with many an LA party anthem (most notably, singles “No. 5” and “Everywhere I Go”).

Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead

Their lyrics are nothing original, with countless references to drinking, sex and underaged partying, but these guys show that they have more substance to them on heavy tracks like “Young” and “Paradise Lost.”

Jeffree Star, a cross-dressing Internet celebrity from, only recently became recognized as a musican, as well. “Rapping” about sex, violence and plastic surgery over bland club beats, Star hasn’t released anything groundbreaking, but he certainly knows his demographic.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

With song titles such as “Heart Surgery Isn’t That Bad,” “Plastic Surgery Slumber Party” and “Eyelash Curlers and Butcher Knives,” it’s no wonder that scene boys and girls flock to him; if only because they’re so damn curious about this pink-haired, makeup-covered”Queen of the Beauties.” He has built (and is still building, I hear talk of a reality show on E!…) an empire around his outrageous look, and the more he is discussed, the more famous he gets.

If anyone else has learned to follow this mentality, none have done it better than the boys of brokeNCYDE. I had heard their name thrown around the Internet for awhile, but didn’t decide to give them a listen until I read a tweet about a site called On this site, concerned parents aim to warn other parents about the lyrics and antics of the band members. The site has been heavily criticized by fans of the group, especially because many of the claims made are extremely far-fetched and unfounded.



The self-proclaimed “crunkcore” group combines more tired club loops with screaming, rapping and singing about (yep, you guessed it!) sex, partying and throwing a middle finger up to everyone who doesn’t like it. While nobody thinks that brokeNCYDE has Grammy material here (lyrics include such gems as, “she’s bringing sexy back, look at how she shakes that ass/she drops it to the floor, she’s such a fucking whore/i love it when you tease me/you make it seem so easy/you make my pee-pee hard”), they are undoubtedly very intelligent with their marketing plan. They have written the most offensive lyrics possible and laced them nicely together with familiar dance beats; the result being “a parent’s worst nightmare.” Regardless of whether or not they love or hate brokeNCYDE, the kids are talking about them… driving more and more people like myself to see what all the commotion is about.

Lastly, there are The Millionaires. Recently signed to Pete Wentz’s Decaydance Records, this all-female group created a name for themselves (literally) in their LA home, where they “fucked around with Garage Band” and posted their creations on a MySpace page. Their songs got so many plays that they reached the top of MySpace’s charts within a few days. Since then, the group has been consistently slammed across message boards for their take on this new genre. They released their first EP, Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid this week, and I have yet to hear any good reviews of it from either fans or critics (the latest on iTunes is a 1 star review entitled “NO,” which reads: “The most embarassing thing to happen to music in 10 years.”).

The Millionaires

The Millionaires

Warped Tour/Taste of Chaos founder Kevin Lyman has this group (along with brokeNCYDE and Jeffree Star) out on every date of Warped this summer, and obviously got some backlash from those hardcore punk fans who constantly bitch about the downfall of the concert lineup, as he was quoted by “You don’t have to like Brokencyde, or Jeffree Star, or the Millionaires, and I’m not saying that I do necessarily. But they are doing something, capturing something, stirring up controversy. Punk bands used to stir up controversy; if you’re taking that as the definition of ‘punk’, these artists could fall under that category.”

What is it about The Millionaires that makes them so much more insufferable than their male counterparts? Is it the obnoxiously squeaky voices, the stripper-looking outfits, or is it simply that they are talentless and completely undeserving of their newfound “fame”?

Check out their video for “Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid” and tell me what you think:


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  • […] artofthespa wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptJeffree Star, a cross-dressing Internet celebrity from MySpace. … e so damn curious about this pink-haired, makeup-covered”Queen of the Beauties…. […]

  • 2. emostalker15  |  July 6, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    umm first of all who cares about the lyrics they dont really have effect on kids ..i listen to all this and so does my mother she loves it so screw you haters

    • 3. firststar  |  July 6, 2009 at 7:44 pm

      emostalker, obviously you didn’t read my post. i don’t hate any of the bands i talked about (except millionaires). i plan on seeing brokencyde, 3oh3 & jeffree at warped tour and was bummed when i missed hollywood undead at bamboozle. i never said anything about the lyrics having effects on kids. i don’t support or anything like it. sorry that you misunderstood, but maybe next time you should read the post before you respond.


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